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Maxi Support Sdn Bhd
(A member of the Sunrise Group of companies, Penang, Malaysia)

Maxi Support Sdn Bhd is a leading manufacturer of specialty gloves. With our own Research & Development team, we have created many varieties of gloves suitable for the consumer, industrial and medical market. Currently, we have exported our gloves worldwide to over 50 countries.

Our most popular range of gloves includes Duramitt, Duraglove and Garden gloves. The Duramitt and Duraglove represents the natural progression in cleaning, surface preparation and finishing application products by permanently bonding an attachment (eg. scour or sponge pad) to a protective waterproof latex mitten. The Duramitt is a patented product that provides vastly superior performance when compared with a normal combination of an abrasive pad, latex glove and sponge. Our garden gloves provides optimum comfort and comes in many attractive designs which are suitable for both genders.

The latest range of Duraglove Anti-Microbial is a revolutionary product as it is the world’s first broad spectrum Anti-Microbial Gloves with sustained action to mitigate risks of cross contamination in food industries and healthcare. The sustained anti-microbial glove coated with the unique biodegradable and EPA-registered formulation is tested effective to achieve rapid-kill rate of over 99% within the first minute of contact; which is deemed essential to minimise cross contamination for improved public health and quality in food handling industries.

In meeting the ever changing demand of the international market, we are able to work on special projects which have their specific requirements. Our dedicated Research & Development team is able to develop gloves according to your needs and specifications.