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(A member of the Sunrise Group of companies, Penang, Malaysia)

Duraglove Classic

The Duraglove provides ease in cleaning, surface preparation and finishing application by permanently bonding an attachment (eg. scour or sponge pad) to a protective waterproof latex glove.

The Duraglove is available in a pair of gloves, one glove with attachment and another without. It is cotton lined to offer extra comfort.

The new generation Duraglove has a fold-over cleaning surface on the index fingers and thumb for more effective cleaning. Several different surfaces are available, Duraglove with sponge attachment, white scour attachment, green scour attachment and black scour attachment.

Duraglove sponge is excellent for cleaning dishes, cars and other surfaces that you would normally use a sponge to clean. Duraglove white is a non abrasive scour for cleaning without scratching. Duraglove Green is great for scouring surface for hard to clean stains. Duraglove Black is a heavy abrasive scour for tough to clean surfaces.


  • Latex gloves with right and left hands with cleaning pad attached
  • Ergonomic design
  • Gloves and sponges available in attractive colours
  • Cotton flocklined interior for comfort
  • No need to grasp cleaning pad
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Washable and reusable
  • Protects hands
  • Mildew resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Powder Free

Duraglove Sponge

Yellow gloves with sponge (One glove with sponge attachment + one plain glove)

Use it as you would use a sponge. However, Our Duraglove Sponge provides better flexibility and efficiency with a bonded glove as cleaning would feel as though you are cleaning with your bare hands!

Duraglove White

Yellow gloves with Sponge + White Scourer (One glove with Sponge & White scourer attachment + one plain glove)

Duraglove White has a fine white scouring surface for scouring without scratching.

It’s ideal for cleaning sinks, showers, tubs, tile, fiberglass, Pyrex and Teflon cookware as well as a thousand other uses.

Duraglove Green

Yellow gloves with Sponge + Green Scourer (One glove with Sponge & Green scourer attachment + one plain glove)

The Duraglove Green has a medium grade green scouring surface for hard to clean surfaces. It is ideal for flooring, ceramic tile, maintenance equipment, cleaning ovenware and removing burnt or dried stains on pots and pans.

Duraglove Black

Yellow gloves with Sponge + Black Scourer (One glove with Sponge & Black scourer attachment + one plain glove)

Duraglove Black has the heaviest grade scouring surface to make the toughest jobs easier.

Use it instead of steel wool and metal scouring pads to clean charcoal grills, rusted or grimy yard equipment, as well as countless other industrial and commercial applications